Mata Hari in Istanbul September 2020 Art Photo Project.
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Mata Hari in Istanbul

Мата Хари (Маргарета Гертруда Зелле) была простой голландской танцовщицей. Сначала она выступала как цирковая наездница под именем «леди Греша Мак-Леод».

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Istanbul Hippy
Culture Istanbul Photography

Istanbul, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakishan, Goa, India, Kathmandu, Nepal Hippie Trail.

The 1970s Hippie Trail: drugs, danger, and a magical pudding shop in Asia You may not reach enlightenment, but you’ll see some crazy stuff tryingMeagan Day Young traveller on the shore of Band Amir Lake in Central Afghanistan, 1970. (Burha Pinath) Inthe 1960s and 70s, dedicated American hippies rode buses with Ken Kesey and Timothy […]

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