Istanbul Card : Standard card is a customized Travel Card which anybody can buy and load credit. It can be used at all modes of transportation. It can be purchased from over 2100 IETT Counters and Private Vendors around Istanbul.Standard card is 8 Turkish Lira.

To use the travel card, it is sufficient to hold the card within 0-8 cm to a card readers located in railway stations, sea transportation docks or on buses.
You are not charged multiple times for holding card close to a card reader for a long amount of time. How much you get charged and your remaining balance information is placed on the card reader.

Loading the Card;
Card can be load at both ─░ETT loading points and authorized private loading points.

Electronic cards are good to use as much as two years.

Points of Sales Istanbul Cards

Private Vendors: You do not need to find us, we find you? We provide service 7 days a week at more than 1600 locations Via Electronic Card Private Dealers you can load credit to Electroniccard and Akbil.
You can also purchase Anonymous Card or Limited Use Tickets (ONEpass, TWOpass, FIVEpass, 10pass) from these vendors.
Ticketmatics: We do not restrict ourselves with time in order to provide service to precious Istanbulites.
Ticketmatics which provide service 7/24 are now in service. They are appropriate for disabled passengers access. Ticketmatics have coloured LCD screens, voice directions and multiple language support. You can load credit to Electroniccard and Akbil via ticketmatics.
IETT Counters: Our counters are now at your finger tips?
We provide service with 55 counters which are mostly located throughout the BRT route. You can feel the comfort of our contactless smart cards via our counters.
On IETT Counters you can load credit to Electronic card and Akbil. You can also purchase Anonymous Card or Limited Use Tickets (ONEpass, TWOpass, FIVEpass, 10pass) from the vendors.
Automatic Vending Machine(OSM): Automatic Vending Machine (OSM) is a machine which enables passengers to load credit to Travel Card and Akbil.It is easy to use, it has voice control and multiple language support

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