Mother of Pearl Wood Inlay Sedef Art Workshop Istanbul

Mother of Pearl Wood Inlay Sedef Art Workshop Istanbul Mother of Pearl Wood Inlay Sedef Art Workshop Istanbul Mother of Pearl Wood Inlay Sedef Art Workshop Istanbul

Private or Group Classes Available All Year Long
Everyday appointment !

Duration: 2 hours (Flexible)
Location: Sultanahmet / ISTANBUL
Lesson Teachings: available in English, French, Russian, Turkish

Traditional Turkish Sedef Art. Sedef Art; the shining, playful, and reflected light of mother of pearl has attracted the attention of human beings since the beginning of the world. Societies, tribes, and nations have all added the technology of their day to their experience, knowledge, and understanding, and they have turned mother of pearl from one form into another. Though mother of pearl is quite widespread around the world, its assumption of the aspect of a magnificent branch of the arts after a past of many centuries began when it came into the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

Mother of pearl is the shell of mollusks such as mussels and oysters as well as of pseudopods (such as snails), though if we were to refer to it only as “shell” we would be slighting this extraordinary creation of God. When the young of these creatures come into the world they start their struggle to live. Up to a point, they need shelter, a house, in order to preserve their tiny existence, the reason being that they have many enemies. They undertake this business with a secret God-given force, and create the walls of their housing means of layer upon layer of inexhaustible secretions, ensuring the harmonious continued growth of its house together with itself.

Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in participating our classes as individual or a student group.

What is Included ;

* In our lessons, we can teach beginner & advanced level Professional Artists.
* Traditional Sedef Art Wood Inlay workshop.
* Ottoman Jewellery Making workshop.
* All materials and tools needed for the workshop.
* In the end of the workshop you will have a finished piece of art work.
* Workshop Area, Aprons & Gloves.
* Turkish Tea & Water.
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